rectification au sujet de cobra!

# 28/08/2011 à 19:29 Francis
si les créateur du site ont bien suivi la série ,cobra comme luxus ne sont pas des dragon slayers il on obtenue ces pouvoir par des lacrima de dragon slayers donc des copie de pouvoir il n'ont pas tout les sort et les puissance d'un vraie dragon slayers comme natsu. Il se sont fais implenter un lacrima permettant d'avoir des magie et pouvoir semblable a un dragon slayers. merci de prendre en compte ce fais.
# 05/03/2012 à 09:43 burberry hangbags for sale (site web)
burberry handbags for sale

China Daily: 2009, in an interview, said: "As a vice-ministerial officials rely on the wages of their own can not afford to buy a house three years, house prices in the regulation of national policies, but also began to decline you can afford a room?burberry hobo

He Keng: I wage income still buy can not afford housing, in particular, is a decent house.burberry sling

If there is no house to live, buy a 40-50 square-meter house, I can afford. A decent house, I really can not afford to buy, you buy a house of 150 square meters in Beijing for example, position a little better, the five rings within, even if the prices drop, is now 2-3 million per square meter, then a sets of 150 square meters of the house, at least 400-500 million. Therefore, let alone a year's wages is 30 years of savings they could not afford!burberry clutch

Such an income in Beijing is certainly not low-income, now Beijing population in general is how to do?
# 26/05/2012 à 10:40 sacs vuitton (site web)
sacs vuitton and created a flat roof revolutionary leather box,
sac louis vuitton and in Paris at the first shop. Like today, his design soon be copied, flat-roofed square suitcase become trend. Louis vuitton suitcase is the first gray canvas set surface, in 1896, the son of Louis vuitton used his father in the name of George w L and V cooperate with flower design, design today still achieved international interweaving of
sacs louis vuitton letters printed on canvas sheet (MonogramCanvas) style. From the design the first now, printed with "LV" symbol of this unique pattern of the intertwined letters canvas bag, along with rich legend and elegant design and become the classics of the fashion. For 100 years, the world has experienced many change, people's pursuit and aesthetic idea change with it, but Louis vuitton not only outstanding reputation, and keep the incomparable glamour. Louis Vuitton brand one hundred and fifty years we have been advocating the delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as the basis of design, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) the name has now spread throughout Europe, become the most delicate traveling articles of symbols.
sacs vuitton to begin to roll out has different region colorific design, including the alligator hand bag, elephant skin hand bag, etc. These design in colonial exhibition shine brilliantly.
LV bag-Louis-Vuitton · Louis Vuitton brand introduction (1) founder: Louis Vuitton Louis. Vuitton (2) registered: Paris, France (3) designer: designer group (4) brand line: Louis Vuitton Louis. Vuitton (5) category: leather, leather suitcase, travel, supplies, the men's ladies, silk scarves, pen, watch LV brand recognition: LV leather goods in addition to the impeccable perfect work, it another let a person fondle admiringly of place, is it leather face on delicate be able to bear or endure the pattern. Each store business scope sac a main
louis vuitton. Vuitton traditional bags series, Louis. Vuitton latest launch men and women and men and women clothing series shoes series. Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) global second new concept store in Taipei 101 image opening. A printed with "LV" golden brown on large balloons, floating in 101 the building in the atrium, will see them far of existence; Waiting to enter outlets crowds, is from early row to night, and the longer the row, louis vuitton sac all the way from the top of the stairs doorway, on average, have to wait an hour before can go in; To celebrate the opening and set limit to sell iPod exclusive holster, a price ten thousand yuan, than a iPod mini is expensive, but like a clearance sale, one day all sold out.
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